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Interview Techniques - II
The following hints are to be followed:- He should (be) -
  (1) well dressed.
(2) natural and normal
(3) tension free
(4) confident and cheerful
(5) show interest in the interview
(6) give positive and constructive response
(7) optimistic (8) (response) clear and to the point
(9) convince the interviewing officer through his reply
(10) prove through his answers that he is suitable for an officer in armed forces.
(11) In case he does not know the answer, it is better to cut sorry figure instead of managing the answer, where he is not confident to reply as correct
(12) Hear the questions carefully and giver answers to the point and relevant to the subject
(13) Not pose himself superfluously and should not hide the facts.
(14) Come out with natural potentiality and be cheerful right from the beginning till the last.
(15) Overcome the difficulty in effective communication
(16) Give an impression to judge you that you are alert liberal and broad minded, intelligent, diligent and balanced.
(17) Maintain balance and maturity in your reply showing poise, stead fastness and yet an open mind, when the IO asks provocating questions.
(18) (in interview you are your own salesman. Hence project your best skill, maturity in it. Remember IO is buyer and he has great choice and can afford to be choosy.
(19) Sell your qualifications, knowledge, experience and personality
(20) Show that you appear to be good package with better material inside it.
(21) Truthful, to the point and complete.
(22) Marshall all facts, integrate them with each other and arrive at a conclusion by expressing your thoughts clearly and precisely.
(23) Remember that the IO is looking for excellent human raw material, which could be trained and groomed into a fine officer. He is in need of a good worker and are genuinely interested in determining if you are that person.
(24) Mentally flexible and avoid being rigid.
(25) Remain alert, liberal and broadminded, intelligent, diligent, balanced, a person capable of holding views and wise.
(26) Not entirely be non-committed, but arrive at some conclusions.
(27) Never tell a lie during interview since it would be easily identified by subsequent questions and you will end up at point of no return.
There are common peeves which, if hit by mistake, will automatically trigger negative responses from the interviewer

PEEVE 1 – Averting your eye means averting the offer. The Moral – If you find it difficult to look into someone’s eyes, look at his ‘third eye’, just above and between the person’s two eyes.

PEEVE 2 – Not communicating means not interested. When the interviewer asks him as to whether he has any queries, the candidate still does not respond or at best say a polite ‘no’. The candidate only displays a lack of interest, or shows that he is just not prepared. The Moral – When asked if you have any queries, never say ‘no’. Candidates should think of each question as an opportunity to induce conversation and to discuss what they can bring to the organization. Interviewers also know that those who are unwilling to communicate will never be able to work in teams.

PEEVE 3 – Communicating too much can literally mean ‘too much’. The moral – Candidates should stay focused and answer question asked in not more than three to five minutes.

PEEVE 4 – Little lies mean ‘very big’ impressions. The moral – Never over emphasize your skills. You will only get frustrated, and it will show up during the interview.

PEEVE 5 – Using casual or street speak language will only leave you on the street. Poor communication skills really irate interviewers. What is meant by communication skills is not merely language fluency, but also how candidates use the language. Slang and street speak words just don’t fit the corporate domain. Candidates who make use of sounds and words like ‘um,’like’ and ‘uh’ between every other word lose interviewers’ attention quickly. The Moral – Speak professionally, using formal business language.

PEEVE 6 – Making a fashion statement in interviews means going out of fashion. The Moral – Whatever you wear should accent the fact that you are a professional who is ready to get to work at a new job. Let common sense by you guide.

PEEVE 7 – Failure to close means your chances are closed too. The Moral – If you don’t close the interview, then you are not selling yourself. However do remember, questions about perks and benefits should be reserved for a human resources representative and preferably only after a job offer.
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