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Sample Syllabus & Exam Papers : AIR FORCE





The model question paper only offers a broad overview and does not purport to represent either the syllabus or the pattern of questions that would appear in the Common Entrance Test.



Common entrance Test (CET) is a tool to assess the proficiency of the candidate in English and General Awareness, for selection in Ground Duties Branches. CET has two parts, namely


Part A- Multiple Choice Questions: English and General Awareness (30 Questions) (Duration 20 Minutes)

Part B- Descriptive Test in English: Three Questions - One Comprehension passage with 5 Questions, one letter writing and

One paragraph writing (Duration: 30 minutes).

This test is applicable to all those aspirants who apply for non-technical branches. The contents of the test include the following in

Part-A and Part-B respectively:-

Part A: English (Grammar and usage) and General Awareness – MCQs

Part B: General Composition in English

(i) Reading and Comprehension

(ii) Letter writing

(iii) Paragraph Writing




PART-A: Multiple Choice Questions


1. She spent her time in Mumbai___________________________ in cafes and bars.

(a) hang out (b) hang up

(c) hang on (d) hanging out


2. Lenin’s death took place in

(a) 1924 (b) 1922

(c) 1921 (d) None of these

3. The Temperature at which water possesses maximum density is

(a) 0 deg C (b) 4 deg C

(c) -4 deg C (d) 0 deg F


4. One should ________________________ drugs.

(a) Keep up

(b) Keep Down

(c) Keep Off

(d) Keep on


5. The first president of USA was

(a) Jimmy Carter

(b) Theodore Roosevelt

(c) Abraham Lincoln

(d) George Washington




6. He was apotheosized because of his miraculous powers.

(a) departure from tradition

(b) impatience with stupidity

(c) demolition from glory

(d) surrender to impulse


7. The boy has ___________________________________ from all disciplines.


(a) Break away (b) Broken away (c) Break into (d) Broken into


8. The most popular city of world

(a) New York (b) Mumbai

(c) Tokyo (d) London


9. His ideas are quixotic.

(a) Slow (b) pragmatic

(c) grave (d) benevolent


10. Strong Acids _____________________ metals.

(a) act upon (b) act upto

(c) act on (d) acting upto


11. World’s largest sugarcane producer is

(a) Cuba (b) India

(c) Pakistan (d) China


12. Propriety and sobriety makes one fit for the society.

(a) Influence (b) holiness

(c) civility (d) mirth


13. If I ________________________ you I wouldn’t return the call.

(a) Was (b) am

(c) were (d) would be


14. The brightest planet is

(a) Saturn (b) Mars

(c) Venus (d) Jupiter



15. Rumors are always concocted stories in an exaggerated form.

(a) Manage (b) tickle

(b) smart (d) originate


16. Our teacher ____________ us to the laboratory and showed us a number of experiments.

(a) taken (b) taking

(c) took (d) takes


17. Which of the following instruments is used for measuring humidity of air?

(a)hydrometer(b) seismometer

(c)hygrometer(d) barometer



18. Seated amongst the assembly were distinguished persons from different fields.

(a) Differentiated (b) renowned

(c) recognized (d) classified


19. Nisha_______________________ her son against the dangers of driving the car too fast.

(a) threatened (b) warned

(c) spoke to (d) remembered


20. If a horse starts suddenly, the rider

may fall due to

(a) moment of inertia

(b) inertia of rest

(c) law of conservation of mass

(d) third law of motion


21. Learned persons from all fields gathered

at the conference.

(a) acquired (b) gained

(c) educated (d) well –informed


22. Give an example pertinent ______________________case.

(a) with (b) to

(c) on (d) for


23. The gland that contains body’s thermostat is

(a) Pancreas (b) Thyroid

(c) pituitary (d) Hypothalamus



24. If you would recall (a) / our first

meeting (b) / than you may (c) /understand

my point. (d)


25. He was, advised to abstain ____________________ all alcoholic drinks.

(a) from (b) in

(c) by (d) to


26. Blood is formed in human adult by

(a) Heart (b) Spleen

(c) Red bone marrow (d) lungs


27. The party was

(a) / scheduled to take place (b)/ tomorrow but now

(c) / it stand cancelled. (d)


28. In which year was Jesus crucified.

(a) 50 AD (b) 43 AD

(c) 33 AD (e) 190 AD


29. which soil requires least use of fertilizers

(a) Red soil (b) alluvial oil

(d) laterite soil (d)black soil


30. While presenting (a)/ his maiden speech

(b) / Kamal seemed very confidently (c) /

and people responded very well (d).


PART-B: Descriptive Type Questions (A passage is given below followed by five questions. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below).

The stock-taking at the first national convention on consumer protection served to highlight the areas that called for special attention

to sustain the momentum of the movement as genuine for safeguarding the people’s interests. Spreading awareness about the rights of

the consumers and the relief open to them in case they did not get their money’s worth of goods and services has highly been

identified as the first priority. While this may not be a difficult task in urban areas, where the movement is concentrated at present,

taking it to the vast rural hinterland calls for a multi-media approach in which radio and television have a crucial role to play. The

involvement of 500 odd consumer organizations in the country in publicizing the concept of fair trade practices and their remedies

available against their violation will prove rewarding if the message is conveyed through village bodies. Government efforts remain

confined at best to setting up the infrastructure after the formal launch of the movement with the enactment of the consumer protection

act. The mounting backlog of cases in consumer courts, points to the need for toning up the district level redressal machinery. The

main objective of the movement is the creation of a culture that denies place in the market for products that are not consumer friendly.

This is possible only if consumer bodies take over the watchdog role performed by the government till now and exercise social control

over the market to see that the benefits of liberalization are not reaped by traders alone. But the plea to industry to exercise self

regulation and maintain minimum standards of quality and devise appropriate pricing is bound to go unheeded unless strict measures

are taken to ensure compliance.



(a) What was the purpose of the first national convention on consumer protection?

(b) What does consumer protection act guarantee to the consumer against?

(c) How did the government contribute to the consumer protection movement?

(d) What approach is required for spreading consumer protection movement to the rural areas?

(e) What is the role of consumer bodies?


2. You have seen an advertisement in the ‘Times of India’ calling for applications for the post of a Sales Executive. Write a

letter to the Personnel Manager, New World Publications, Worli, Mumbai, applying for the job with a detailed bio-data of yourself.

(10 Marks)


3. Write a paragraph of not more than 100 words on the following topic:-

Small Family Happy Family

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