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Why Coaching Needed from SSB Interview

To become an officer in Army, Navy & Air Force, a candidate is required to possess certain Officer Like qualities, which are assessed by conduct of various tests by the Testing officers. During the SSB Interview period at SSB Selection Centres, the candidates are required to perform about 15 psychological/quality based tests, which consist of written tests / oral tests / outdoor ground tests.

Many candidates having the required qualities, also get themselves rejected in the SSB Interview, due to not having the knowledge of the various tests being conducted at the SSB Selection Centres. To overcome this shortcoming and also to ensure their selection, it is essential that one gets sufficient knowledge at a SSB Coaching Academy.
An excellence performance in academic qualification has little impact in one’s selection as an officer.


We are pleased to inform that ours is the only Academy giving result oriented coaching to the candidates appearing for the SSB Interview. We impart indepth guidance in Screening Test, Psychological Test, GTO Tests and the Interview, besides identifying your wanting officer qualities and their improvement

Methodology of Coaching
1.    Brief of all Tests (Psycho/GTO/IO) in a computer Power Point presentation.
2.    Indepth explaining the procedures being followed by SSB Centres to conduct the various tests

Conduct of model tests on the pattern of SSB.
     1. Computer based Tests for - WAT, TAT
     2.Written Tests for - Int Test, SRT, Group Planning
     3.Ground Tests for – Gp Discussion, Lecture, Progressive Group & allied tasks
     4.Mock model explanation of – Individual Obstacles, Snake Race
     5.Mock Interviews
4.    Supply of print materials for all 15 tests
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